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WooCommerce Capture Potential Leads


With this WooCommerce Capture Potential Leads add-on plugin, site administrators can capture the sales leads that can be easily converted into sale. This plugin works in conjunction with our main plugin WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro When customers comes on site and enters a zipcode to confirm delivery at that place, our main plugin informs whether delivery can be done or not based on the saved delivery areas created by admin.

Now this addon, if delivery is not possible capture the lead by presenting a beautiful popup with a form inside it. It asks for email address and mobile no to notify the customer when delivery can be done at that place. This sales lead record is stored in database. Later, when store starts shipping in that area, admin can filter out all earlier missed sales leads and can notify them with an email that delivery can be done at the zipcode they enquired. The email contains and Add to Cart button already placed there for the product customer enquired. This way when you send an email to the already interested customer, chances are very high that customer is going to place order right away.

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