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WooCommerce Add To Cart Validation


With this WooCommerce Add To Cart Validation extension, site users will not be able to add products into the cart if the product can’t be delivered to the area specified specified by zipcode. Products will be added to the cart only if it can be delivered to shipping place. As soon as user hits the add to cart button, our plugin checks the provided zipcode in the saved delivery areas created by our main plugin, & if the zipcode/pincode is not matched, the product will not be added to the cart, instead the customer will see a appropriate message on front-end.

This add-on provides an important role in avoiding those orders which can’t be shipped by your company. The delivery areas can be defined by our much loved plugin WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro Both this main plugin and our add-on plugin works hand in hand to achieve this functionality for Woo Commerce stores.

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